academic works


“Autobiographical Filmmaking and the Potential of Embodied Encounters of Female Travelers between Egypt and Germany” (video essay). constellations: a cultural rhetorics publishing space. (working on revisions)





Zantjer, R., von Petersdorff, A., (2014). “The Politics of Translation Tools: What Untranslatable Words Reveal about Culture, Language, and Technology Design,” published on (Text: Rebecca Zantjer, Video: Anne von Petersdorff)



/conference talks

“Collaboration Across Countries and Disciplines: The Possible Worlds of Hybrid Dissertations” (project demo) HASTAC, University of Central Florida, November 2017.  

“Re-Framing the Woman Traveler through Feminist Cinematography” Converging Narratives: Besieged and Transgressive Bodies (Graduate Student Conference), University of Illinois at Chicago. April 2017.

“Articulation and collaboration: Creating a continuum of learning.” Gacs, A., Goertler, S., Lesoski, C., McEwen, K., von Petersdorff, A., & Wolff, L., ACTFL Conference, Boston, MA. November 2016

“The Tool that Shapes the Craftswoman: Narration and Identity Formation in FREMDKÖRPER, an Autobiographical Travel Documentary.” Cultural Rhetorics Conference, Michigan State University. October 2016.

“Virtually there – don’t be afraid to study abroad.” Goertler, S., Gacs, A., McEwen, K., von Petersdorff, A., & Wolff, L., CALICO Conference, East Lansing, MI. May 2016.

“Foreign Bodies: Embodied Encounters of Female Travelers between Egypt and Germany.” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Houston, TX. April 2016.

“From a Distance: Affective Responses to Otherness in German Literature between 1779-1961.” LOCUS TALKS at Michigan State University. April 2015

“Fremdkörper/Cuerpos Extraños: Female Bodies In Transit.” Women in German Studies Conference, Shawnee on Delaware, PA. October 2014.

“Intensive Körpererfahrung in Andreas Altmanns Reise durch einen einsamen Kontinent.” German Studies Association Conference, Kansas City, MO. September 2014.

“The Faustian Impulse: Visual Representations and Imperialism in The Civilizers.” Symposium on Visual Culture, Digital Media, Michigan State University. March 2014.

“Establishing Polyphony through Repetition: Rethinking Tourism-Migration Categories through Lisl Ponger’s Passagen.” University of Virginia Graduate Conference. March 2014.  

“Technology and Imperialism in The Civilizers” TROPOS Graduate Conference at Michigan State University. March 2014.